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Our Story

“Ever since I was young, I wanted to create something from nothing,” says Aaron Williams, owner of AJW Construction LLC. From scraps of wood to stacks of lumber, Aaron has enjoyed building anything from jewelry boxes to custom homes. Having an uncle who built high-end custom homes in the Seattle metro area, Aaron was able to start learning his craft at the age of 18. After working under an attentive and particular builder for 7 years, Aaron decided it was time to grow on his own and move to central Washington. The move was two-fold: start his company and be near his new fiancée, Janelle. 

Aaron and Janelle in an engagement photo.

The beginning of this new venture had no glitz or glamour. Aaron only had his knowledge of construction from experience and education, and a few tools. He would drive around looking for work and always found jobs to do that would keep food on the table. As Janelle puts it, “God provided. We never went without work and there was always something to do. Every single day that Aaron made the decision to hunt, work was provided.” Using business cards and word of mouth, AJW Construction slowly began getting calls to work for new clients. Janelle was a teacher in a nearby school district while their home became a central office for the business.

As the years passed, jobs increased, employees were hired and children were born. In 2017, Janelle decided that she wanted to be at home to raise their children. As this happened, it became apparent that Janelle would be a valuable asset to AJW and she started working in the business on a part time basis – eventually moving the office location, hiring staff, and managing several aspects of the day-to-day inner workings of the company. Aaron and Janelle agree that they make a good team. “Our personalities complement each other. He forces me to slow down and enjoy the moment. I help him get things done,” she says.

AJW Construction’s office is located at 1130 Meade Avenue in the historic downtown Prosser.

There’s a quirky saying that goes, “The road to success is always under construction.” That has been the case for AJW Construction throughout its 7 years of existence. Growing as a company has been difficult for the Williams because it is easy to stay small. They have had to learn to trust people with tasks and release control of different parts of the company, as it is impossible for 1 or 2 people to do all the necessary duties to run a successful company.

Through all the ups and downs of being construction company owners, the Williams choose to stay true to what they believe in. They want to construct custom homes and remodels, while showcasing quality work they can take pride in. They look forward to expanding new divisions of the company and providing a wider range of quality services to their community. 

Aaron and Janelle Williams with their children.


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