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Decrease Roof Damage Before Winter Weather Strikes

Photo by Ivy Schexnayder on Unsplash

With winter fast approaching AJW Construction wants to make sure your roof is secure for any upcoming snow, rain, and heavy winds. No one likes the surprising drip, drip, dripping of a leaking roof. Last February, AJW Construction received over 15 calls for possible roof damages due to inclement weather issues. By taking a few precautionary steps in the fall, you can save your family and yourself from the trauma of inclement weather damage such as:

  • heavy snow piles on roofs causing sloping
  • ice-damming
  • leaking
  • roofs caving in due to the weight of snow

Here are some suggestions we can help you with.

1. Roof Inspection.

Have a roof inspection done prior to the inclement weather. By having a specialist visit and inspect your roof, you can identify any problem areas you may have prior to the start of winter. Sometimes a simple patch is needed to prevent roof damage and ensure your home’s overall efficiency

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2. Heat Cables.

Installing heat cables along a roof’s edge helps to stop ice damming which can cause extreme damage and leaks. You can also install a gutter heat cable that will protect your gutters from unwanted ice damage.

3. Winter Roof Maintenance Assistance.

After many requests, AJW Construction has designed a way to help families in our area. We are providing a service contract that allows clients to prepay for our snow maintenance services and make them priority clients when inclement weather strikes. Our roofing team will remove snow from your roof and reduce ice damming before major problems arise from the extreme weather. Plan ahead of the weather to prevent roof damage this year.

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AJW Roofing is prepared for winter, are you? Click the link and set up your appointment today!


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